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Big Venture to Launch 'Life After the Food Bank' Programme

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

This project will engage with families or anyone in need of support either through referral from service providers, self-referral or simply accessing the centre or on a drop in basis through one of the other projects we have going on in the centre on a weekly basis. Upon initial engagement families will be provided with a free hot meal, a food parcel if needed and then engaged onto the Flourishing Families Programme.

Families will attend this programme for 6 weeks where hopefully by the end of this time they will have learnt how to cook all of the recipes in the booklet and are able to feed their families and themselves healthy meals on a very low cost budget, They will have received the help and support they require to break the cycle of financial deprivation they had found themselves in and are better able to cope emotionally and mentally.

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